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The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

If your mouth gets dry and your palms sweat at the very thought of going to the dentist, you’re not alone. Nearly  3% of men and almost 5% of women have dentophobia, highly severe dental anxiety. This can delay dental preventive care, causing small problems to become big ones.

At Today’s Dentistry, located in San Jose, California, Dr. Peter Lee delivers advanced care via laser dentistry. This allows us to care for your teeth with minimal discomfort or irritation and can make your time in the dentist’s chair much less nerve-wracking.

Laser dentistry is extremely quiet

If you’re like most people with dentophobia, a big part of your anxiety is likely tied up with the sounds of the dental office - metal instruments clattering on metal trays, and the sound of the drill. Laser dentistry uses precise beams of light that accomplish the same tasks faster and more efficiently. 

Laser dentistry can be done with sedation

Laser dentistry causes less bleeding, swelling, inflammation, and pain than traditional dentistry. 

Most patients can get their dental treatment with lasers without anesthesia, but we understand that for people with dentophobia, it’s not that simple. We still give you sedation dentistry options to help you be more comfortable. 

Laser dentistry treatments

If you have tartar on your teeth below the gumline, the typical approach by most dentists is to stick metal tools between the gum and the tooth and scrape or chip away to remove it. Many patients dread this scaling process so much they skip dental visits. 

The bad thing about not getting your teeth scaled is that you end up with periodontal disease, which damages your gums, teeth, and the underlying bone of your jaw. Almost 50% of adults over age 30 have periodontal disease.

Laser dentistry can treat periodontitis by targeting and killing bacteria that cause infection and promoting gum tissue regrowth and bone health. Dr. Lee also uses lasers to complete dental fillings, whiten teeth, and assist in more complex dental procedures to minimize bleeding and swelling.

Reprogram your responses

Possibly the best thing about laser dentistry is its ability to overwrite your reaction to thinking about having dental work done or making an appointment. Just one visit and a laser dental experience can change your mind and body’s reaction to dentistry, giving you a good experience and memory that you can hold onto.

Are you ready to have your bad memories of the dentist’s office replaced with a calm, relaxed experience? Call us at 408-412-3820 or schedule an appointment online today. 

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