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New Dentures Versus a Denture Repair

Denture repair is necessary when there is damage, so it is important for wearers to know that they have to handle their dentures carefully. Sometimes, the patient may be stuck in between getting new dentures or repairing the old ones when their dentures break. In this article, you will learn more about what each process entails and how to make a decision.

What causes denture damages?

A denture can break due to several factors, including:

If the denture gets damaged, patients must contact their dentist immediately for repair or replacement. Repair may also be necessary if the dentures become challenging to wear.

Why contact the dentist for denture repair

It is advisable to have a dentist check and repair the dentures. The repair must be handled by a highly knowledgeable dentist, with the skill and expertise to detect the problem and correct it. If the denture is cracked, broken, or if a tooth is lost, the dentist will be able to provide advice on appropriate measures. If repair is possible, the dentist will send the denture to a dental lab for fixing.

Some patients may try to fix the damaged denture on their own. If they try to glue the tooth back in the wrong way, it could affect the rest of the teeth. Also, if the tooth is not correctly positioned, it could affect how the bite aligns together. This could make chewing difficult and could cause pain in the jaw joints (TMJ). When the denture cannot be repaired, the patient will need to get new dentures.

Also, if the patient fails to fix the parts together accurately, they may suffer gum sores. It is not always easy to put broken pieces together. Also, the materials many people use to glue the dentures may make the repairs harder when they finally consult a professional.

It is necessary to know why the dentures were damaged in the first place. If the cause is not known, the problem is bound to happen again. The dentist will assess the mouth, teeth, and the denture to ascertain the cause of the damage and provide advice on how to avoid future occurrence. Even after successful repair, the denture may still be susceptible to refracture. Based on the outcome of the repair, the dentist may be able to give a timeline of use so that patients can prepare their minds for complete replacement.

Getting new dentures

The replacement process is similar to getting a new denture. During the appointment, the dentist will take an impression of the patient’s dental ridge and gums. The new dentures will be fabricated based on the previous design, and necessary adjustments will be made to improve the comfort and functionality of the new teeth.

In conclusion

If you have a damaged denture, contact the dental office immediately for an appointment. The dentist will handle the denture repair process or recommend new ones if repair is not possible.

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